Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 3 is up - Rania and Chloe Meet Top Killer

Chapter 3 is up! In Chapter 3, Chloe and Rania encounter a soldier called Top Killer, and Rania gets a clue about the abandoned car.

Chapter 3 - Meet Top Killer

Rania sought out one of the coffee kids and bought two small hot cups, nos hilwe, half sweet. She handed one to Chloe, and they settled under the shade of an olive tree. She sipped at the bitter cardamom-tinged liquid, savoring the feel of the tiny grounds in her teeth.

“Are you a journalist?” she asked.

“Not exactly.” Chloe had been evasive about the little object around her neck, and now she didn’t want to say what her work was. Rania started to wonder if it was so wise to be hanging around this woman. Perhaps she was an Israeli spy. But a spy would probably take care to have her story down.

“A student?” Rania persisted, though certainly, the woman was too old for a student in the conventional sense.

“Sort of … I’m trying to learn about the situation.”

“But why here?”

Chloe hesitated again. “Well, I’m Jewish,” she said, confirming Rania’s presumption. “I always heard great things about Israel growing up, but then I heard about the Intifada. So I wanted to see for myself what is really going on.”

“And what have you concluded?”

Chloe was quiet for a few beats, but this time Rania didn’t feel she was hiding anything. It seemed more like she was asking herself the question for the first time.

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