Monday, April 30, 2012

A Much Anticipated May Day

It's another one of those weeks when the world looks very different depending on the company you keep.

Listening to progressive public radio, it's clear that tomorrow, May 1 -- May Day, International Worker's Day, Immigrant Workers' Day -- is going to be the biggest protest the country has ever seen, and likely bring capitalism to its knees.
"For the first time in national history, the United States will know what it feels like to spend a day without the 99%. " writes .

Talking to friends of mine who have been organizing bits and pieces of this big day for months now, the prognosis is a little less joyous.  One friend has been struggling through the difficult -- but apparently tenuously resolved -- process of coalition building between Occupy Oakland and Decolonize Oakland/May Day March for Dignity and Resistance.  Another was one of the rank-and-file union members behind the nobly-intended Occupy the Bridge, source of some major media hysteria that has not died down despite clear statements that activists do not plan to block the Golden Gate Bridge.

For coworkers at my straight job, tomorrow is a work day like any other.  They might have been completely unaware that Armageddon is approaching, if it were not for an email distributed by our building's owners cautioning:

"Please note that the Occupy protest movement has scheduled activities in San Francisco tomorrow that may impact commutes.

According to the website below, plans are no longer intended to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge. There have been reports that Golden Gate ferry workers will be striking tomorrow morning, however.
Other gatherings in the Financial District and surrounding areas could potentially block transportation arteries. Please plan your commute accordingly.
For more information, check local news outlets and go to:"

The exhaustive list of actions planned around the country and around the globe is -- well, exhausting.  And impressive.

Sadly, I have no vacation or personal time to take, so I will have to choose between the noon street festival at Montgomery & Market -- an easy five-minute walk from my office, or the more exciting and better timed but geographically inconvenient 2 pm march to the New SF Commune.  I'll be rushing across the Bay after work to catch the 6 pm convergence at Oscar Grant Plaza, where doubtless the Oakland Police Department will be testing out some new weaponry.  Hope to see many of you there.


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